Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Star Gazing

We did some star/comet gazing last night. The Lulin Comet was visible just above and to the right of Saturn. Unfortunately, there was no tail showing (must have been pointing away from us). Tried to get some shots anyhow, but I couldn't keep from getting a little jitter at 300mm. I did, however, get a shot of the big dipper.

You'll have to click on it to see it full size.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Powered Parachutes

Powered parachutes were flying near town recently.

These guys have way too much fun.

A friend of the family puts his machine up.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dell and Rain

I got my new Dell yesterday, and have been getting it set up and configured the way I want it. I pretty much got through with it a little while ago, but not before I had a few problems (that I might have created). I had to restore once and had to have tech support straighten out an error I was getting. It seems the the Canon Digital EOS Utility I tried to install wouldn't work on a 64-bit Vista system. Does good on XP 64-bit, but not Vista. Canon doesn't even have the drivers I need yet. So, for now I'll have to go back to the USB card reader. The card reader in my Dell is only for the smaller cards like the SD's. Nothing there for CF cards. The only thing I really have to try and set up is the interface for hooking up to vehicles. I sure hope it will work with this new system.


We are in the midst of some good rain. Been a long time since we've had anything. One squall line went through a few minutes ago, and looks like we might have another one coming in a little bit. It sure is a welcome sight and smell! :)