Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Today is the day set aside for us to remember the fallen. We must never forget that our soldiers, sailors, and airmen have made our country what it is by their selfless service - in spite of our politicians. Past, present, and future, the cost of our Freedom and Security has been (and will continue to be) some of our servicemen's lives. Let us not forget the sacrifice they have made (and will continue to make), so that we may enjoy the life we have. Let us not dishonor them or their sacrifice, by trivializing or politicizing them or their service.

In Remembrance Of Our Fallen Comrades.
May their souls rest in peace.


Over recent weeks and months, many changes have been experienced by me and my adopted family. Four people in my life have passed on to their new Home. Three were members of my adopted family. One of them was one of my rescuing angels three years ago. The fourth was my brother's granddaughter, shown below. My great niece Kaylee Jo struggled for only 9 days before going to her Maker. One of her two memorials were held at my brother's home yesterday. Another will follow at my nephew's home in North Dakota.


Some of these changes demanded a "new home" for the sake of moving on. We worked at giving our home a new "homey" look. In doing so, we moved a lot of stuff out, did some major painting, added some new furniture, etc. - in two rooms. It worked. It does feel like a new home. After a break today, we'll attack another room.


This year so far, we have been blessed with twice the normal rainfall. It is sorely needed. Last year's drought has caused our lakes to fall far below their "normal" levels. Even though we have received twice our normal rainfall so far this year, it hasn't made much of a difference in those low levels. It would take almost a "40 days and 40 nights" rain to fill them back up. I have yet to hear anybody complain about rain here. It is a valuable and sometimes rare commodity here. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!


In a couple of weeks, I will celebrate the third anniversary of my arrival in the Texas panhandle, where I started a new life in my new home. Thank you, my rescuing Angels.


May you all find safety and security in the coming days/weeks/years. Never forget who made it possible.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

God Will Get Another Angel

From my brother, just a little bit ago.

We are now at home. This is very difficult. I tried to make some phone calls, but just couldn't do it. Mark and Heather spoke with the doctor this afternoon and scheduled a re-testing of Kaylee's brain functions to be done at 5:30 PM. By this time, they have verified her brain waves are the same and they have removed the majority of the life support, drugs, feeding, etc. The hospital photographer is currently taking photos of them with Kaylee. Once this is finished, all remaining life support will be removed. There will be an autopsy tonight or tomorrow and they plan on cremation. Services have not yet been scheduled . Once things are completed at the hospital, Mark and Heather will be coming to our house for a few days. There is a good possibility they will be here over the weekend.
Both Mark and Heather are doing as well as can be expected. Before we left Mpls this afternoon, Heather told me that Mark was taking very good care of her. How are we doing? I don't know. We're numb.

Kaylee Jo went Home at approximately 8:45 pm CDT this day, May 20, 2007.
She is now one of God's littlest angels.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Newborn Problems

One of my nephews had his first baby on my son's birthday - May 11. She is in ICU with heart/lung problems - mostly heart. There is a hole between the chambers that had to be repaired, and the aorta was under-developed to the point where they had to reconstruct part of it. They are only giving her a 20% chance of survival.

If any of you feel the urge, please keep Kaylee in your prayers, and visit this site that my nephew is posting on - called CaringBridge.

All prayers and comments at that site will be appreciated.

Thank you.

***** Edit: Saturday, 5/19/07, 6:20pm CDT *****

Kaylee has just undergone an EEG, like an EKG but for the brain. In a few hours, they should have the tests back. She is still critical, her heart is working on its own, but still on a respirator to breathe for her.

***** Edit: Saturday, 5/19/07, 8:30pm CDT *****

From Kaylee Jo's Daddy:

hi everyone.. it is about 830 and i have some results to share with you.. the results that came back from the 1st set of tests are as follows:: kaylee's liver and kidneys are not functioning properly so she isn't getting the clotting that she should, her lungs and heart have remained the same.. she is still on her heart and lung machine to help her breath and pump blood.. as far as her brain scan, her brain waves are irregular.. they would work fine and then they would stop and this just repeats itself.. there should be more testing in the near future.. either tomorrow or monday.. i will update everyone at that time..

From her Grandpa (my brother):

I'm not sure what to write or how to phrase things . . . stress is high. In
addition to previous difficulties and test results, tonight's tests showed

liver and kidneys not functioning well at all. Brain function tests showed
sporadic, inconsistant brain waves including flat lines. Mark and Heather
are going to talk to the doctor tomorrow and schedule the same brain
function tests for Monday so they will know for sure whether or not today's
results valid. Kaylee remains on life support. Prognosis is bleak. I
don't know how else to say it.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Garage Sale Season

It's garage sale season again. :) Today I hit the first ones of the year - for me. (Yes, I do that!) Among the treasures we found today were some ceiling fans we've been wanting. At one place, they had 3 fans for sale with light kits attached - 5 blades and 4 lights per fan. One was marked $7.50, but had some screws missing. When I asked if they worked and if there were any screws for them, he just told me to take them - no charge, and that he'd make it right with his wife. After I made sure he was serious, I thanked him profusely and loaded it up in the truck. We left that sale to get something to eat, and decided to return to see about buying two others. Those were marked $15 each, but I only had $20 with me. Got back there and asked how much he'd take for two more of them. He said $25 at first, but then I told him I only had twenty. That was good enough, 'cause he told me to pay the lady and take the two I wanted. Can't beat that! I got 3 good, clean ceiling fans with lights for only $20.00! When we got home, I promptly started the installation process, but had to go buy a hanger bar (and some replacement blade screws) for it first, since this was a "remodel" situation. A little bit later, and we had a functioning fan making the house much more comfortable. :)

Worst thing I could do was to score like that. Now I'll have to keep garage sale-ing.