Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economic Crisis

Do you know what caused it? This video will show you the history of it, and who is to blame. You can't correct anything until you know the root cause. Let's correct this and keep it from happening again.

Watch the Video Here


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Election Madness, etc.

For a long time, I was not overly excited about our elections. I had thought that I would go to the polls while holding my nose. Things changed very quickly when Sarah Palin came on scene. The Democrat Party got a good dose of fear and panic. The media joined them.

I always thought McCain was too liberal for my tastes, but Obama is much more so. While many things bother me about McCain, there is so much more that scares me about Obama. In my opinion, an Obama nation would be an abomination.

None of our candidates have any interest in taking control of our borders. Far too many illegals come across undetected or ignored. Truck loads of Mexicans cross our borders through tunnels and through remote parts of our border states. Have you ever wondered how many wacko extremists come in those trucks? If it's so easy for us to turn a blind eye to people in trucks, what's to keep them from transporting certain "things" in those trucks instead - "things" that can do us harm by themselves or can be assebled into bigger, more catastrophic "things"? Somebody better start paying attention. We need to control our borders. It is imperative. Chances are, we will be hit again some day. It would be foolish to believe otherwise. That 's the complacency mindset that caused us to be hit before. Why make it easy for them?

There are a lot of things that bother me about Obama. There are many unanswered quetions out there. We don't know who he is. His past and loyalties are very cloudy at best. Associating with the miscreants and terrorists he has is of major concern, especially considering his reluctance to distance himself from them. Still, why did he keep alliances with them?

The one thing that bothers me most about Obama is that our enemies (and those that don't really like us) have all endorsed him. That, my friends, is where the rubber meets the road. That is the key to who I am going to vote for. If those who want to see us harmed want a given candidate as our leader, that is cause for great concern. I will not vote for anybody that our enemies want in office - particularly in this case. A newcomer with a cloudy past, an associate of and friend to the likes of Ayers and Wright, plus our enemies endorsing him for President of The United States is more than enough for me to vote against him.

I applaud McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. That is when the Democrat Party and media started to really blow their fuses. It's not enough that she is a renegade like McCain, but she's a .....*gasp*......woman! A smart, successful woman - someone the Democrats would love to have on their side. Unfortunately for them, she is a Republican.

In their frenzy, they are doing their best to dig up anything they can on Palin. They sent an army of "investigators" to the tiny, insignificant town of Wasilla to do so. (That's that tiny town she was mayor of.) They dig into her husband, they use Palin's daughter as a pawn in their attempts. They attack her values when she makes the choice to not kill her son with Downs Syndrome. And yet, they are ignoring or trivializing all the serious questions we have about Obama? No bias there.

I know who I will vote for. I know "who" he is. I don't like everything about who he is, but I know what to expect with him. Nobody seems to know who Obama is - except our enemies. They know him well enough to endorse him. Think about that. Our enemies know Obama well enough to endorse him. Me? I took an oath many years ago to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;...", and I cannot in good conscience vote for Obama and still honor that oath. That oath did not have a time limit on it.

I don't particularly like renegades, but I do agree with Obama. We need change. Maybe getting two renegades in office is the change we need. I'm game.

I know where the rubber meets the road. Do you?


The financial crisis we are facing is another concern. It was caused by people buying things they can't afford. There have always been "special deals" and incentives to encourage people to buy cars and houses they wouldn't otherwise purchase. Low- and zero-interest rates are not uncommon. However, when the government demands that lending institutions make money available to people who have little or no means to repay those loans - that's asking for trouble, and exactly what caused the big boys to fail. Those damn Republicans! No, both sides caused this. The Democrats prevented oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bush wanted oversight in 2003, and McCain warned of this in 2005. Bush's oversight bill was shot down on party lines. Republicans voted for oversight and Democrats voted for none. This is the result. Oh, did I mention that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac contributed more money to the campaigns of Chris Dodd, John Kerry, and Obama than any other candidate? They are all Democrat senators. And two were/are candidates for our highest office. I wonder if that's why the Democrats shot down oversight? More questions. Why isn't the media digging into it like they are Palin's life?

What seems foolish to me is that the government caused this by bending to people who couldn't afford houses, allowing them to get them when they couldn't afford it. Now the government thinks it is the one to fix it? In his address about the matter, Bush even said the bail out funds can be used to help people buy homes? Hellooooooo!!!! This is exactly what caused it in the first place!!!

This is what happens when the government tries to run a business. They did it to social security, and now they are going to do it to our financial sector? I don't think so. They won't cure anything. The only way lenders or any business can act responsibly is if they are allowed to fail. They were irresponsible in their lending practices because the government told them to, and they were not afraid of failure. They knew the government would save them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Photos

Back in the '70's, I was in the USCG going to school in NYC on Governor's Island, home of Fort Jay. While in the Big Apple, I got to take a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, I had to leave them behind when I moved in '04. I have a feeling they've all been detroyed. Among them was one very much like this one, from on top of the [then] RCA Building in Rockefeller Center. It is now the GE Building - home of "30 Rock", the TV series.

This is Saint Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, as viewed from the top. You think this is cool? You haven't seen anything 'til you've seen inside it.


Emergency Training

This week we are getting emergency prevention/response training at work. It's been kind of interesting and there is some good information in it, if even to enlighten us (as people) as to how people react to different emergency situations, be they violence or natural emergencies such as tornadoes or fires. The emphasis was on prevention, and not letting things get to a point of no return.

One "popular" scenario played out as follows:
A "shooter" was chosen from the audience. She was given a harmless Nerf dart gun that would shoot about 20 shots - kind of like a "street sweeper". Her assignment was to enter through any of the 3 or 4 doors to the room (not telling anybody which one), and start shooting. After a few minutes, she came in the back of the room and started firing. The instructor up front yelled "GUN!" and everybody headed for the doors up front - almost. I was in one of the rows near the back. When the shooting started I hit the floor without thinking, scampered on all fours to the side, grabbed a chair for a shield, and went after the shooter. Didn't know I could still move that fast. I may have been the only one, I don't know. It all happened too fast. Adrenaline flowed. Instincts and training took over.

The result? Many more people got out without getting hit. I was told that the chair I was using as a shield was hit maybe 5 or 6 times - after I started heading for the shooter. After more than 30 years, my CG training and mindset is still apparently with me. That, and I'm a firm believer that if nobody does anything in situations like this, everybody is a sitting duck. Somebody has to do something. I keep the same philosophy with everything else. If nobody does anything to help a bad situation (no matter what it is), it will not get any better - but can get much, much worse. Nobody knows what they would do under adverse or extreme circumstances until they are there.

Is my reaction to this scenario good or bad? It all depends on your perspective. To some it would be quite bad. To those whose lives would be spared, it is not.


Monday, September 22, 2008

My NavBar is Broken

The navbar on these Blogger blogs is showing nothing but "Blogger Blogger Blogger Blogger....."
as seen in this image: http://www.pbase.com/doxielover1/image/103397480.jpg

It's not just my blog. It's everybody's Blogger blog.

When I click anywhere on the navbar, it takes me to the Dashboard.
There is no link for customizing, posting, searching, or anything. This just
started recently (last few days). I've tried disabling GreaseMonkey and Adblock Plus, but it didn't help.

I'm using Vista Home Basic with FireFox 3.0.1. I don't know what's changed on my end, but something had to. It all looks normal on Shelley's computer. She's running XP Pro, and the same FireFox.

Anybody know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Update! 9/23/08

They fixed something, 'cause it's back to normal now. Thanks, guys!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bat Man

Yesterday at work I saw something that didn't look right. A young man was carrying a baseball bat across one of our parking lots, and he was "on a mission". He would occasionally hide the bad under his clothes - and that's what really raised a red flag with me.

I alerted the campus police and he told me he'd find and challenge him. Well, the officer found him crossing another of our parking lots and stopped him. I found out later that this 18-year-old had recently lost his best friend and was grieving. He was unfortunately doing it in the wrong way - through anger. While talking to this young man, it was learned that several others jumped him earlier and he was going to even the score in a park adjacent to the campus. This, coupled with the loss of his best friend and a lousy home life, he was really laden with rage.

He was taken "downtown", and after evaluation will eventually be given a bus ticket so he can be with other relatives in another city. This is their preliminary plan.

It was obvious to the officer that this young man had some real problems. In a way I feel bad for him that I got the police involved, but I wonder what could have happened if I hadn't alerted authorities to a "suspicious person". Could have gotten ugly real quick. One guy with a baseball bat going up against several others? Someone could have been severely beaten or killed - on either side of the confrontation.

I tell myself that I may very likely have saved a life - either the bat-er, or one (maybe more) of the bat-ees. For that, I have no regrets. I hope this young man can eventually cope with his friend's death and get his life together.

I wish him well.


Egret - Bansai - IMG_9141

The last few days I've been working nights. That gave me a chance to get out fairly early in the morning to try and get some wildlife shots at the local watering holes. This egret is one of the many photos I've taken. You can see more of my stuff on my Flickr Galleries.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Storm Damage

Here are some shots of video from SevereStudios.com and some of the storm chasers that supply live video streams. None of these are my photos. These images belong to the people indicated.

(Video from Stuart Robinson's dashboard camera.)

This is a view at the NE end of Galveston Island after Hurricane Ike spent the night here.


In the same area, David Drummond (another storm chaser) was told to "move along" as he was assessing damage.

He later found these boats on the highway on Galveston Island.

Lake Charles, La. also has its share of water.

(From Brett Adair's "Chase Cam".)


7:30 pm CDT...

I just saw the aerial video of all the homes in Galveston that were surrounded by water. Search and Rescue is under way for the 20,000 idiots that decided to stay there. I'm not a cold, heartless person, but IMO they don't need rescued. I'm sorry, but they chose to be there, in spite of the mandatory evacuation orders. They were warned that death was a real possibility. They ignored it. Now the poor idiots need food, water, and medical care. Use the resources for people that want and need it. Those morons don't deserve it. They created their own situation, knowing full well what they were in for. The water will go down after a while. Use the money and manpower for those who tried to protect themselves, and the clean-up.

Governor Good Hair even told people they would be on their own if they did not evacuate, and nobody would come. He lied, and I guess they'll ignore him again next time. Let them sit in the "middle of the gulf" just one time, and maybe they'll re-think their stupidity next time. Then again, rescue operations are under way. They will be rescued again and again. *shaking head*


Thursday, September 11, 2008


We all know what happened. We all know what could happen again if we let our guard down, or stop before it's finished. He said it would be a long war, one like we've never fought before. He said it is not bound by borders. He was right on all counts.

Let us never forget. Let us never let our guard down.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin - A Democrat's Dream Girl

(The comments in this post are not directed at the average voter, but the Democrat Party officials and media.)

Sarah Palin is a Democrat's dream. She should be anyhow. She is everything that Democrats claim they embrace, and everything Republicans are supposed to disdain.

She is a woman.
She is a successful woman.
Her husband is a Union worker.
She is a strong woman - politically and domestically.
She is an everyday person, much like you and me - more than any other politician we've seen in years. (Isn't that what Democrats want? Someone who can identify with the "little guy"?)
She is pro-choice. She made her choice to have an "imperfect" baby, but it was her choice.
Her daughter is a teen, unmarried, and pregnant.
She is the typical "soccer mom". (Since hockey is more appropriate in Alaska than soccer, she calls herself a "hockey mom".

For some reason, Liberals are bashing her and trivializing her accomplishments. What is there they don't like? Normally, they would be singing her praises. And why do Republicans like her so much, contrary to the reputation given them by the Liberal sect?

There can only be one reason. There is an "R" behind her name. Pathetic, isn't it? Can you imagine the praise she would be getting from the Democrat Party if she only had a "D" behind her name? Instead, they try to stomp her into the ground. They don't care about women. They don't care about anybody - unless they are Democrats/Liberals. Nobody else matters.

Well, I guess there could be one other reason. She seems to really love and respect her husband, and doesn't have him on a leash, treating him as a domineering, man-hating feminist would.

Personally, this mean spirited anti-["everything-but-white-man"] Republican is tickled that she is in the race. I'm glad McCain chose her. However, I would prefer that she be heading the ticket and McCain was her VP, but I guess that's not to be this time. I look forward to 2012 if McCain and Palin are successful in this election. Imagine that! A Conservative Republican wanting a woman to be President....

For now, I'll settle for VP. Good Luck, Governor Palin! You have my full support. You have given me a reason to vote without holding my nose.

The media and Democrat Party are scared. I love it!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Bobbing For Fish

Egret - IMG_5055
Originally uploaded by HighPlainsDox
Shelley got the idea to take our cameras to a local lake today, and I naturally agreed. We were hoping to find more waterfowl than we did, but what we found kept us busy. As we were shooting ducks and grackles, I looked up towards another section of the lake just to the right of where we were shooting. There stood a Great White Egret, knee deep in water. This is one Shelley mentioned it would be nice to find there today. Ask and ye shall receive, I guess. :) We spent some time trying to get a sequence of shots of him spearing fish, but when they strike, they strike! This is the quickest we could start shooting each time he went after a snack. (Click on this photo to see the full-size image and the rest of the series.)

Rodeo Weekend

Yesterday we went to a rodeo. Not just any rodeo. This one was done by kids between 4 or 5 and 18 years old. Their participation was age-appropriate. All ages were the protective clowns, youngest protected the riders of sheep. The older boys distracted the steers and bulls from their riders. The youngest rode stick horses in barrel races, and the oldest group rode bulls. There was "mutton bustin'", pole bending, barrel races, and even rode calves, steers, and bulls. They didn't have any saddle bronc riding, though. With many of my photos, you may not believe that they are all 18 or under, but they were. Yes, adults were there to supervise and prepare the animals for their riders, but the performers and rodeo clowns were all kids.

(Click here for the full series of shots.)