Sunday, September 27, 2009

PBase Down

Many of us use PBase to display our photographs. Some are amateur hobbyists, some experienced/advanced, some real professionals. Whatever your level of photography, everybody who uses PBase's service has been affected by the outage that began a few days ago - 24 September 2009.

I've seen many comments in cyberland concerning this. A few are patient. Some are outright vicious towards "Slug" and his setup - even claiming a lack of professionalism and blasting his hardware setup. Come on, give me a break! Have any of you heard of Murphy's Laws? I've been in the trenches of industrial maintenance for over 35 years, and I am not worried. I have confidence in Slug and PBase. I know how stuff happens. Multiple servers have been affected in his area, and some could well be one/some of the big boys that have "proper" setups.

The main problem might not be with PBase per se', but with someone much bigger. I don't know how he is set up. Do you?'s trail involves people like Inflow, Inc. and Who supplies the servers? Who is the responsible tech? I have a domain and servers that I have absolutely no control over. The hardware is not in my house, nor do I have access to it - and that is very common.

I have no doubt that all of our photos are safe. I know that it often takes an ungodly amount of time to do simple things with computer systems. I have no doubt that there is redundancy. Even if you delete all your stuff inadvertently, it can be restored. Yes, it is possible that some things might be irrecoverable. Maybe even some of my stuff. So what? I have backups and can put it back without near as much hassle as Slug and PBase are going through as I type this. If you don't have your stuff backed up.....well, what can I say?

Don't be impatient. Can you imagine how much data is involved? I can't. People all over the world have been using PBase to store their photos - plus all the additional related data like custom page setups, etc. Terabytes on top of terabytes on top of terabytes are very likely involved. Think of how computers have been a problem to you, and how much time you have spent offline because of it. Imagine the similarities, but on a much bigger scale.

Do you have a professional photography business that only centers around PBase? You don't have a backup plan in case of problems? Why not? Ever hear of a computer that crashes? Think it's just your little notebook PC or Mac that have hardware or software crashes? Your home computers never have problems, do they? Think again.

I have well over 1500 photos on PBase. They are still there. They will be there when he gets back online. I will be there, too. I'm not leaving. I have no reason to leave. I trust PBase with my photos and the price is very good. Plus, I like his TOS. Many sites lay claim to your photos for various reasons, like advertising. Some even lay unrestricted claim to them to the point of even transferring them to 3rd parties! Not Slug. He specifically states it in plain language - no legalese BS. The photos you post there are yours and will always be yours. Nobody else can claim or use them in any way, shape, or form. That's one of the many reason I will not leave PBase.

Hang in there, Slug. Do what you need to do. Take the time you need. You have my full support. I'll see "you" when you get back up. I've got some more photos to upload. :)

-doxielover1 at PBase


From PBase:

28-Sep-2009 1:01 UTC / 27-Sep-2009 21:01 EST

We have been working nonstop to continue importing the data into the new database, and we are making good progress. While we wait for the data to import, we are going through PBase pages and making sure everything will be ready to go online when the data importing is complete. When PBase comes back online, some of you may find that some of your images do not display. This is simply because the data for those images will still be copying over to the new database. As the rest of the data comes in, those images will be fixed. We will let you know as soon as we have more news.


Importing to a new database, huh? I guess that means it's not just a quick-and-easy copy from one to the other. I would presume that there is some conversion going on to make it usable by the new database as well. They didn't take a break for the weekend like some people (that were/are bad-mouthing Slug) have been alleging.



As of the time of this addendum, PBase appears to be up and running in its entirety. I never lost anything. I'll bet nobody else did either.

Thanks for your efforts, Slug!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Remember.

Do you?

I remember seeing where one plane hit the first tower.

I remember watching the TV and seeing the second plane hit the tower.

I remember thinking at that point, "That was not accident. We are under attack."

I remember "that feeling" in the pit of my stomach.

I remember the towers falling - from the safety of my couch.

I remember thinking "Put me in, coach!"

I remember the skies falling silent.

I remember our Canadian friends coming to our rescue by taking in our people.

I remember wondering when it would end.

I remember thanking God for brave Americans like those on Flight 93, who prevented far more loss of life.

I remember how Americans from all walks of life, all beliefs, and all political persuasions were as one.

I remember September 11, 2001.

I long for the attitudes of September 12, 2001.

Do you remember?

Do you really?

Let us never forget - anything.

Semper Paratus.