Sunday, October 04, 2009

Rainbow Bridge

From Shelley:

For 15 years he was in my life and in my heart.
He was his own cat--funny, independent, kind--but never cuddly.
Cuddly wasn't Chip--but I never doubted where I stood with him.
We respected each other.
He was a funny old Maine Coon who called the shots in our relationship
and I obeyed him the best I could.
Chip was unique. He talked. People would doubt it until
they heard his verbalizations with their own ears.
"Hello!" "Out"
Plain as day.
His given name was "Chaucer" but he didn't like that. He sure let us know that
"Chip" was more suitable. "Chippie" was another name he was called when he was "kittenish".
He loved being outside--and because of a thick long coat, even
a blanket of snow didn't bother him.
He sure kept my feet warm on a cold winter's night.
Chip would let us know it was time to get up before the alarm went off.
Chip had a soft purr and he loved treats.His favorite place to sleep was on the
console table in our bedroom--under the fragile Tiffany lamp because the sun came in that window.
He was special,
He will be missed
Rest in peace my little friend.
I will see you again waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge...where Bat must be waiting too. Perhaps you're together playing in the cool grass or basking in the sun.


- and From Dale....

Chip was a special, albeit a bit misunderstood little fella. He was known for being a bit psycho, unpredictable. You would wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and look up and see his face - just staring at you - an inch or two from your face. You never knew if you would get slashed for simply petting him. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

He was misunderstood by most - but I understood him. I knew he wasn't a bad boy at all. As time passed, my faith in him was proven right, and we became the best of friends.

One of his talents was that of speech. He could say "Hello!" as well as you or I - and he'd do it when he wanted something, not just at random times. If we were doing something and not paying attention, he would say "Hello! Out!" when he wanted to go out.

He was special. He was our little boy. We will miss you, Chippie.

Relaxing in the back yard.

Security Device: Locking down Momma's computer.

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be
seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart."
-Helen Keller


Jeanne said...

Big hugs
to you and Shelley

Dale said...

Thank you, Jeanne.